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RCJ - the magazine of record for Railwayana Collectors - traces its roots back almost 40 years. Together with its forebears, it paralleled the development of this specialist hobby from the end of steam on British Railways. Railwayana was to become one of the great success stories of nostalgia collecting, recalling an earlier age, the childhood memories and less hurried times.

As the only subject-specific magazine dedicated to Railway Collecting, it went without saying that all serious collectors relied on its regular publication to keep them abreast of developments and obtain the maximum enjoyment from their hobby.

The widespread availability of other media has now made many of its original concepts redundant. Recent technological developments have made possible more appropriate means of distributing news of current events and advertisements. This site will play its part in providing an archive for the wealth of accumulated knowledge that the magazine engendered.

An endorsement of the transition carried out in the past few years has been received from the founder of the original publication - Mike Handscomb.

"When I began the Railway Collector's Newsletter (as it was then) from my Notting Hill flat, I had no idea what it would one day become. I can't overestimate the knowledge which I picked up from the RCJ - and I guess that holds good for many readers. Now it's taken a new turn ... and I'm delighted to see a 21st-century version of what I was trying to provide way back in 1968."