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Solent Railwayana Auctions

"The Friendly Auction for Southern England"
Alan Tonks, the late founder, had endeavoured to specialize in items from the southern parts of England - although much of a more general nature - including continental material - could be found there. Nigel Maddock continues that policy today. Solent Railwayana Auctions are held three times a year at the Community Hall, WICKHAM, Hampshire, PO17 5AL.
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Forthcoming dates : 18th February, 30th June and 20th October 2012

CONTACT: Nigel Maddock
TELEPHONE: 01489-574029 (including fax)
EMAIL: Nigel Maddock

Buyer's Premium Applicable : 10% (except n/p)
Square Deal Factor : 90.9%+
Bidding Amount9091000
Amount Payable10001100

Latest amendment : 14th November 2011 (Update)

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