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British Railways Steam - ex G.W.R. Classes

Selected from the AED Collection Prorail UK

Presented in ascending loco running number order [with image reference]
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Reboilered Rhymney Railway P class 0-6-2T 83 is oiled alongside Abertysswg coal tip 11/5/51 [W/0011]
At Abercynon MPD ex Taff Vale 0-6-2T 295 and crew - together with 0-6-0PT 6411 10/5/51 [W/0033]
Ex Taff Vale 0-6-2T 337 rests between shunting movements at Swindon Loco Works 1953 [W/0041]
Reboilered ex Taff Vale A class 0-6-2T 351 is pictured between "Valley" duties at Barry 12/5/51 [W/0045]
Paddington bound 4-6-0 1005 "County of Devon" with [A14] overtakes a local train at Acton 10/60 [W/0063]

Viewed from above the tunnel entrance 1011 "County of Chester" climbs Sapperton bank 20/09/64 [W/0066]
On arrival with SLS special 1011 "County of Chester" outside Swindon Works 'A-shop' 20/09/64 [W/0067B]
Collett 0-6-0PT dock shunter 1368 hauls china clay wagons at Boscarne Junction 1964 [W/0077E]
Outside cylinder 0-6-0PT 1369 hauls PRC special brake van working near Wenford 31/10/64 [W/0078]
Plymouth Railway Circle "Wenford Special" leaves Wadebridge 1964 - count those Brake Vans! [W/0080]

Collett 0-4-2T 1420 stands outside the shed at Hereford Motive Power Depot 1964 [W/0082A]
"The Marlow Donkey" service - 0-4-2T 1421 waits at the branch terminus, Marlow 1962 [W/0084]
0-4-2T 1442 nears Tiverton with a typical single coach Exe Valley service 1964 [W/0088C]
0-4-2T 1444 propels a local push/pull "auto-train" service at Standish 1964 [W/0089]
Lacking smokebox numberplate, 1472 is ready to leave Brimscombe with two coaches 1964 [W/0093]

Hawksworth 0-6-0PT 1500 blasts up the Old Oak Common flyover with ecs 1/61 [W/0098]
0-6-0PT 1500 heads empty coaching stock out of Old Oak Common yard 1961 [W/0099]
0-6-0PT 1500 tackles the snow covered Old Oak Common flyover with coaching stock 1/63 [W/0101]
0-6-0PT 1503 on O.O.C. flyover amidst appropriate "North Pole" snowscape! 1/63 [W/0107]
Arctic conditions at North Pole Junction with 0-6-0PT 1507 in the empty yard 31/12/61 [W/0122]

Hawksworth 0-6-0PT 1507 pulls out of Old Oak Common carriage sidings in snow 31/12/61 [W/0123]
In snowy landscape 0-6-0PT 1507 pulls out of Old Oak Common carriage sidings 31/12/61 [W/0124]
0-6-0PT 1661 fitted with spark-arresting chimney hauls a tender loco out of Worcester shed 1/64 [W/0128]
Ex BPGV (Hudswell Clarke) 0-6-0T 2167 (marked "Cond") outside Swindon Works 'A-Shop' 1950 [W/0130]
0-6-0 2292 at Cattybrook (banked out of the Severn Tunnel by 2-6-2T 5191) passes a "Hall" 4/62 [W/0135]

Early series 2-8-0 2818 with adaptable standard smokebox for inside or outside steam pipes 1964 [W/0136]
Close-up of 2-8-0 2842 - details of crosshead vacuum pump, etc. - at Southall MPD 1964 [W/0142A]
King 4-6-0 6010 at Southall MPD 1964 - with "Balls to Beeching" comment on tender! [W/0142B]
0-6-0PT 3622 passes beneath the complex Triple Bridge near Southall 4/64 [W/0158]
Ingenuity of the interlaced construction necessary for the Triple Bridge near Southall 4/64 [W/0158C]

0-6-0PT 3681 heads a two coach local train near Chalford 1964 [W/0159]
Churchward 2-8-0 3858 heads a mixed freight at Sapperton 3/63 [W/0179]
Well maintained 2-6-2T 4113 at Worcester Motive Power Depot 1964 [W/0196]
2-6-2T 4126 crosses the lofty Crumlin Viaduct with a train in 1963 [W/0197]
2-6-2T 4145 heads a fully loaded Severn Tunnel car shuttle working near Pilning 8/61 [W/0202]

Fine balustrading of the Crumlin Viaduct is in evidence as 2-6-2T 4175 crosses 1963 [W/0209]
Restored to GWR livery, 2-6-2T 4555 in company with WD 2-8-0 90476 at Croes Newydd 1964 [W/0223]
0-6-0PT 4601 + 4631 doublehead a boat train up the Folkestone Harbour branch incline 5/61 [W/0229]
0-6-0PT 4650 assists a coal train headed by an English Electric type 3 (cl.37) at Cwm 1963 [W/0236]
A train of vans headed by 0-6-0PT 4698 is seen approaching Vauxhall 2/59 [W/0240]

Churchward mixed traffic 2-8-0 4701 rests inside a roundhouse at Old Oak Common MPD 1964 [W/0243]
Mixed traffic 2-8-0 4703 keeps company with a "Hall" 4-6-0 inside Old Oak Common shed 1963 [W/0244]
4-6-0 4931 "Hanbury Hall" piloting a "Castle" pass an EE type 1 with cattle trucks at Acton 4/61 [W/0254]
Framed by the overbridge at Pilning, 4-6-0 4984 "Albrighton Hall" approaches on train [M89] 8/61 [W/0266]
4-6-0 5017 "St.Donats Castle" at Acton with the Up "Cheltenham Spa Express" [A09] 10/60 [W/0270]

Castle class 4-6-0 5056 "Earl of Powis" heads a North & West route train [M91] at Pilning 8/61 [W/0281]
Cardiff-bound from the Southern Region, headed by 4-6-0 5099 "Compton Castle" at Pilning 8/61 [W/0301]
2-8-0T 5206 keeps to the hillside route as it climbs through the valleys near Machen 3/65 [W/0311]
En route to Ebbw Vale Steelworks 2-8-0T 5236 heads an oil train from Llandarcy BP Refinery 4/61 [W/0319]
Strange bedfellows! 2-6-2T 5573, 0-6-0 44411 & 7004 (with ex-ROD tender) Swindon Works 3/64 [W/0347]

0-6-2T 5605 moves a train of empty coal wagons through Nelson 8/63 [W/0355]
0-6-2T 5610 heads freight along the singled section at Bedlinog 8/63 (with 5632 banking) [W/0358]
Unusually 0-6-2T 5632 is pictured with a painted cabside number at Queen St. (Cardiff) 5/52 [W/0367]
0-6-2T 5671 assists a freight train along the heavy graded valley route at Bedlinog 8/63 [W/0394]
0-6-2T 5691 ex-works at Swindon in 1964 (prior to 1963 closure, it would have gone to Caerphilly) [W/0397]

On the South Wales mainline, 4-6-0 6023 "King Edward II" at Pilning with train [F41] 8/61 [W/0457]
2-6-2T 6132 heads a down suburban train at wintry Old Oak Common 1/63 [W/0476]
2-6-2T 6132 with an Oxford semi-fast service at Friars Junction 4/61 [W/0478]
Churchward 2-6-0 6385 heads a livestock train at Iver (Bucks) 1/62 [W/0511]
0-6-2T 6651 takes water alongside the coal stage at Croes Newydd MPD 1964 [W/0524]

Inside Old Oak Common shed, 4-6-0 6829 "Burmington Grange" and a "Hall" 10/62 [W/0540]
4-6-0 6829 "Burmington Grange" at Pontypool Road 1963 with 2839 and 3690 on a local train [W/0541]
Freshly outshopped, 4-6-0 6859 "Yiewsley Grange" at Swindon Works 4/64 [W/0545]
Modified Hall 4-6-0 6990 "Witherslack Hall" on train [F29] at Pilning 8/61 [W/0576]
Castle class 4-6-0 7007 "Great Western" with Up "The Capitals Limited" at Iver 1/62 [W/0593]

Castle class 4-6-0 7011 "Banbury Castle" is pictured at Worcester Motive Power Depot 1964 [W/0597]
4-6-0 7011 "Banbury Castle" moves off from Worcester Motive Power Depot 1964 [W/0597A]
Castle class 7017 "G.J. Churchward" pauses at Port Talbot during station reconstruction 4/61 [W/0601]
2-8-2T 7212 banks block oil train ex-Llandarcy BP Refinery to Ebbw Vale Steelworks at Cwm 4/61 [W/0617]
Churchward 2-8-2 heavy tank loco 7250 hauls a train of empty coal wagons at Bargoed 1964 [W/0623]

Side window 2-6-0 7327 (modified and renumbered from the 93xx series) at Southall MPD 4/64 [W/0628A]
Cambrian line scenery surrounds 4-6-0 7808 "Cookham Manor" at Talerddig 1964 [W/0639]
4-6-0 7816 "Frilsham Manor" stands in the coaling line at Swindon MPD 1964 [W/0644A]
4-6-0 7819 "Hinton Manor" climbs purposefully towards the summit at Talerddig 1964 [W/0647A]
4-6-0 7827 "Lydham Manor" + 4555 double-head Talyllyn special at Barmouth Junction 26/09/64 [W/0660C]

4-6-0 7828 "Odney Manor" crosses the substantial embankment at Talerddig 1964 [W/0662A]
Modified Hall 4-6-0 7920 "Coney Hall" is allocated to mineral train duty at Old Oak Common 1/63 [W/0670]
0-6-0PT 8769 heads a short train of engineering hoppers at Wharncliffe 11/60 [W/0700]
0-6-0PT 9409 on local goods passes ex-WD Austerity 2-8-0 90129 on transfer freight Acton 4/61 [W/0707]
Condensing 0-6-0PT 9704 (for LT lines use) catches distinctive overbridge pattern at Old Oak 1/63 [W/0740]