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British Railways Steam - Southern Region

Selected from the AED Collection Prorail UK

Presented in ascending loco running number order [with image reference]
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USA class 0-6-0T 30064 heads the RCTS/LCGB Midhurst Belle special near Cranleigh 18/10/64 [S/0771]
Southampton Docks 30064 at Fawley Oil Terminal while working RCTS New Forester Tour 19/3/66 [S/0772]
USA class 0-6-0T 30064 with the RCTS/LCGB Midhurst Belle Rail Tour near Baynards 18/10/64 [S/0775]
USA 0-6-0T 30064 with RCTS/LCGB Midhurst Belle Tour approaches Baynards Tunnel 18/10/64 [S/0775X]
USA 0-6-0Ts 30073 + 30064 with RCTS New Forester Tour special on the Fawley branch 19/3/66 [S/0779]

USA class 0-6-0T 30073 heads the BYTS Hampshire Explorer Tour on the Fawley Branch 21/5/66 [S/0780]
B4 class 0-4-0T 30096 in charge of a local pick-up freight train sets off from Winchester 1963 [S/0782]
B4 30096 pauses at Winchester while Bulleid 4-6-2 34071 "141 Squadron" approaches 1963 [S/0784]
Class B4 0-4-0T Dock shunter 30096 acts as station pilot with parcels van at Winchester 1963 [S/0784B]
SR O2 class 0-4-4T 230 (later renumbered BR 30230) at Exmouth Junction Motive Power Depot [S/0790]

"Black Motor" class 700 0-6-0 30309 heads SCTS South Western Limited near Andover 2/9/62 [S/0793]
N15 class 4-6-0 30453 "King Arthur" heads a train through Clapham Junction 4/60 [S/0801]
"King Arthur" class 30457 "Sir Bedivere" heads a freight through Battersea Queens Road 1960 [S/0804]
N15 class 4-6-0 30457 "Sir Bedivere" is equally happy with this semi-fast duty at Malden in 1960 [S/0805]
The sole Maunsell reboilered H15 4-6-0 30491 is pictured at Old Kew Junction Signalbox 10/1/59 [S/0806]

Urie G16 class 4-8-0T 30494 runs bunker first through a frost coated Brentford station 10/1/59 [S/0807]
Originally designed for hump shunting 30494 here works a transfer load at Harlesden (LMR) 3/62 [S/0818]
G16 4-8-0T 30494 heads a transfer freight train through Acton West Junction 3/62 [S/0819]
Class G16 4-8-0T 30495 heads an inter-regional transfer freight at Acton West 4/61 [S/0832]
S15 class 4-6-0 30499 hauls freight between London marshalling yards at Harlesden (LMR) 4/62 [S/0839]

Feltham's S15 class 4-6-0 30499 heads an inter-regional freight through Harlesden (LMR) 4/62 [S/0837]
Urie S15 4-6-0 30507 at Feltham MPD with a sister loco from the post-grouping series 1964 [S/0846]
S15 class 4-6-0 30511 at Feltham Motive Power Depot with N class 2-6-0 31816 3/63 [S/0850]
Specially prepared S15 4-6-0 30512 on LCGB Hayling Farewell Rail Tour special - Ropley 3/11/63 [S/0851]
S15 class 4-6-0 30512 heads the LCGB Hayling Farewell Rail Tour special near Alton 3/11/63 [S/0853]

Urie S15 class 4-6-0 30512 with LCGB Hayling Farewell Rail Tour special train near Botley 3/11/63 [S/0855]
S15 4-6-0 30515 powers a Western Division freight through the snow at Pirbright 1/63 [S/0863]
Urie heavy freight H16 class 4-6-2T 30516 is allocated to empty stock duties at Waterloo 9/59 [S/0870]
H16 30517 runs round at Chessington South during RCTS South Western Suburban Railtour 12/62 [S/0880]
Urie H16 class 4-6-2T 30517 hauls a transfer train of vans and containers near Chiswick 9/59 [S/0883]

Bird's-eye view of Urie H16 class 4-6-2T 30517 on a transfer freight passing through Chiswick 1959 [S/0887]
Urie H16 class 4-6-2T 30518 appears abandoned in the yard at Feltham Motive Power Depot 3/63 [S/0899]
Q class 0-6-0 30530 ready to work RCTS/LCGB Midhurst Belle special train Pulborough 18/10/64 [S/0914A]
Q class 0-6-0s 30531 and 30543 with the LCGB Hayling Farewell Rail Tour at Havant 3/11/63 [S/0920]
0298 class 2-4-0WT 30585+30587 RCTS South Western Suburban Railtour Hampton Court 12/62 [S/0934]

"King Arthur" class N15 4-6-0 30791 "Sir Uwaine" awaits departure at Waterloo 9/59 [S/0944]
Evening shot of N15 class 4-6-0 30795 "Sir Dinadan" running light engine at Malden 1/61 [S/0945]
S15 class 4-6-0 30835 with 6-wheel tender heads a heavy mixed freight at Gomshall 4/61 [S/0953]
Close-up of the motion of S15 class 4-6-0 30837 at Eastleigh Motive Power Depot 1966 [S/0963D]
"Lord Nelson" class 4-6-0 30852 "Sir Walter Raleigh" approaches Vauxhall station 2/59 [S/0968]

"Schools" class V 4-4-0 30916 "Whitgift" with a lengthy passenger train at Gomshall 10/61 [S/0991]
H class 0-4-4T 31518 propels a push/pull service at Groombridge 12/62 [S/1008]
H class 0-4-4T 31543 approaches Rowfant station with a two coach train 12/62 [S/1009]
H class 0-4-4T 31544 calls at Cowden station with a local train 1963 [S/1010]
U class 2-6-0 31615 heads a train of early BR-liveried stock at Gomshall 4/61 [S/1017]

U class 31621 passes under gantry displaying an unusual semaphore combination at Fleet 8/63 [S/1024]
U class 2-6-0 31791 reflecting sunlight whilst at rest at Havant 1963 [S/1037]
U class 31791 + 31639 return RCTS Longmoor Railtour from Windsor & Eton Riverside 30/4/66 [S/1038]
N class 2-6-0 31850 restarts a train from a signal check at Gomshall 1/62 [S/1058A]
Mainline stopping service with N class 2-6-0 31858 is framed by overbridge at Farnborough 8/64 [S/1062]

Bunker first W class 2-6-4T 31918 heads a transfer freight train at North Pole Junction 8/62 [S/1087]
Bogie braking assists bi-directional load capability, W 2-6-4T 31923 close-up at Feltham 3/63 [S/1098]
K class 2-6-0 32343 ready to leave Redhill with a Brighton line freight 10/62 [S/1103]
K class 2-6-0 32343 with a freight train at Redhill South signalbox 10/62 [S/1104B]
"Terrier" 0-6-0T class A1X 32636 at Havant station (with 32670 at platform in background) 1963 [S/1116]

A1X class 0-6-0T "Terrier" 32650 crossing the causeway at Langston 1963 [S/1130]
"Terrier" 0-6-0T class A1X 32670 at Havant during Farewell Tour visit 3/11/63 [S/1135]
Bulleid wartime Q1 class 0-6-0 33004 heads a freight at Acton West Junction 10/61 [S/1140]
Bulleid Q1 0-6-0 33006 with a train of mineral wagons at Acton West 4/61 [S/1145]
Tender-first, Q1 class 0-6-0 33018 approaches Acton West Junction with van train 10/60 [S/1164]

Bulleid "West Country" class 4-6-2 34002 "Salisbury" heads a diverted service at Medstead 5/66 [S/1182]
WC 34006 "Bude" + BB 34057 "Biggin Hill" on LCGB special duty at Evercreech Junction 5/3/66 [S/1188A]
"West Country" class 34020 "Seaton" ready for departure from Waterloo (with 30517 on ecs) 9/59 [S/1205]
Rebuilt "West Country" class 4-6-2 34042 "Dorchester" heads south at Eastleigh 3/65 [S/1221]
"Battle of Britain" class light pacific 34049 "Anti-Aircraft Command" with train at Malden 12/60 [S/1229]

Rebuilt BB 34050 "Royal Observer Corps" at Waterloo and "Bournemouth Belle" Pullman 24/1/59 [S/1232]
Nameplate "Winston Churchill" from "Battle of Britain" class 34051 at Oxford MPD 4/65 [S/1235A]
"Battle of Britain" class nameplate "Biggin Hill" from 4-6-2 34057 at Evercreech Junction 5/3/66 [S/1242]
Rebuilt "Battle of Britain" class 34088 "213 Squadron" speeds along the mainline at Fleet 8/63 [S/1263]
Rebuilt "West Country" class 4-6-2 34100 "Appledore" in the New Forest at Brockenhurst 11/65 [S/1274]

"Merchant Navy" 4-6-2 35014 "Nederland Line" with "Atlantic Coast Express" at Vauxhall 1960 [S/1312]
Rebuilt "Merchant Navy" class pacific 35020 "Bibby Line" heads an express at Farnborough 8/64 [S/1321]
Bulleid MN 35020 "Bibby Line" (in original condition but with remodelled tender) at Frimley 19/7/58 [S/1322]
Rebuilt "Merchant Navy" 35026 "Lamport & Holt Line" passes through Clapham Junction 4/60 [S/1333]
"Merchant Navy" 35029 "Elder Dempster Lines" with "The Royal Wessex" at Clapham Jct 4/60 [S/1342]

Isle of Wight O2 class 0-4-4T W17 "Seaview" bunker first at Ryde Station 1963 [S/1354]
Isle of Wight O2 class 0-4-4T W18 "Ningwood" heads a train near Shanklin 1963 [S/1358A]
Close-up of push/pull apparatus fitted to IoW O2 class 0-4-4T W27 "Merstone" at Ventnor 1963 [S/1380]
Isle of Wight O2 class 0-4-4T W27 "Merstone" pulls into Ventnor from the tunnel 1963 [S/1384]
Isle of Wight O2 class 0-4-4T W32 "Bonchurch" hauls a train along Ryde Pier 1963 [S/1395]