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British Railways Steam - LMSR Group Classes

Selected from the AED Collection Prorail UK

Presented in ascending loco running number order [with image reference]
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Fowler 3MT 2-6-2T 40006 receives some care whilst in store at Willesden MPD 1961 [M/1400]
2P 40569 pilots 34045 "Ottery St.Mary" on the Somerset & Dorset line near Masbury 8/61 [M/1414]
2P 4-4-0 40645 and a "Royal Scot" leaving Kilmarnock on southbound "Thames-Clyde" 6/4/1960 [M/1417A]
Between S&D branch duties, Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T 41283 stands at Evercreech Junction 1966 [M/1427]
2-6-2T 41295 hurries an afternoon Lymington branch service near Brockenhurst 11/65 [M/1429]

2-6-2T 41301 heads a rural branchline train near Peasmarsh Junction 1963 [M/1433]
41307/41249 bring LCGB special into Evercreech Jcn; 34006/57 stand ready to take over 5/3/66 [M/1434A]
41307 + 41249 double-head LCGB Somerset & Dorset Railtour away from Evercreech Jct 5/3/66 [M/1436]
Ivatt 2-6-2T 41312 stands alongside the Foundry Shop at Swindon Works 1954 [M/1437]
Ex-Midland Rly 0-4-0T 41537 navigates the tortuous route through Gloucester Docks 3/63 [M/1442B]

0-4-0T 41537 is enveloped in steam at Gloucester Docks 3/63 [M/1442E]
Shunter and crew discuss the next job for 0-4-0T 41537 in Gloucester Docks 3/63 [M/1443]
MR 0-6-0T 41763 rests inside Staveley Shed (in company with 43157/48311/90189) 1964 [M/1449]
0-6-0T 41804 is caught between shunting duties at Staveley Iron Works 1964 [M/1450A]
Fairburn 2-6-4T 42225 pauses at the entrance to Neasden Motive Power Depot 3/61 [M/1464]

Fowler 2-6-4T 42334 heads a transfer freight at Acton West Junction 3/62 [M/1467]
Another Fowler 2-6-4T 42360 is seen at Willesden Motive Power Depot 1/61 [M/1469]
Stanier 2-6-4T 42478 emerges from Kensal Green Tunnel with milk tanks 1961 [M/1477]
Bunker first with branchline freight, Fairburn 2-6-4T 42693 at Beattock 4/64 [M/1480A]
Hughes "Crab" 5MT 2-6-0 42707 at Willesden Motive Power Depot 3/61 [M/1482]

Specially prepared 2-6-0 42737 is ready to depart from Beattock MPD 4/64 [M/1484A]
5MT 2-6-0 42812 with an engineering train at Peak Forest 10/64 [M/1492]
Stanier 5MT 2-6-0 42954 "ex-Works" alongside Ivatt 4MT 43120 at Swindon [M/1498]
3F 0-6-0 43637 seems a tight fit with coal train emerging from Shirland Tunnel 12/63 [M/1526]
LMS 4F 0-6-0 44083 is ready to leave Peak Forest with Presflo bulk lime wagons 6/62 [M/1539]

Recently outshopped 4F 0-6-0 44278 heads mixed freight train at Tutbury 1961 [M/1551]
Bird's eye view of 4F 0-6-0 44345 in picturesque Monsaldale landscape 4/61 [M/1556]
LMS 4F 0-6-0 44419 heads a freight train in Monsaldale 4/61 [M/1560]
Freight headed by 4F 44602 is mirrored as it crosses Monsaldale viaduct 4/61 [M/1568]
Stanier "Black 5" 4-6-0 44741 with Caprotti valve gear at Willesden MPD 1/61 [M/1578]

Unique 5MT 44767 (with outside Stephenson link motion) at Carnforth MPD 1966 [M/1580A]
4-6-0 44796 pilots another "Black 5" on express duty near Dunblane 4/64 [M/1582]
Stanier 5MT 44836 and train mirrored from the embankment near Loughborough GC 4/61 [M/1587]
"Black 5" 45279 heads transfer freight near Acton West Junction 10/61 [M/1642]
5MT 45290 appears to be an intruder in "Diesels Only" area (with D5077/D5026) Willesden 1964 [M/1644]

Stanier "Black 5" 5MT 4-6-0 45483 has steam to spare at Dunblane 4/64 [M/1671]
Rebuilt "Patriot" 4-6-0 45530 "Sir Frank Ree" at Willesden Motive Power Depot 2/63 [M/1687]
"Jubilee" 4-6-0 45562 "Alberta" passes the BRS Depot at Huddersfield 1966 [M/1697]
Stanier 6P 4-6-0 45586 "Mysore" emerges from Kensal Green Tunnel 1961 [M/1700]
"Jubilee" 4-6-0 45641 "Sandwich" on train [1Z61] passes newly erected OHLE masts 1961 [M/1716]

"Jubilee" 45703 "Thunderer" emerges from Kensal Green Tunnel with northbound train [1P68] 1961 [M/1734]
7P 4-6-0 46127 "Old Contemptibles" overtakes D8009 on transfer freight at Kensal Green 1961 [M/1750]
4-6-0 46128 "The Lovat Scouts" at Carrington (Nottingham GC) having worked train [3M16] 8/62 [M/1751]
"Royal Scot" 46153 "The Royal Dragoon" climbs Camden bank with "The Ulster Express" 7/59 [M/1763]
4-6-0 46153 "The Royal Dragoon" with vandalized LMS stock at Peak Forest lime works 1962 [M/1764]

8P 46203 "Princess Margaret Rose" climbs Camden bank with "The Merseyside Express" 7/59 [M/1775]
8P 4-6-2 46205 "Princess Victoria" close-up of motion at Willesden MPD (Loco in store) 1/62 [M/1778A]
46207 "Princess Arthur of Connaught" at Willesden Motive Power Depot (Loco in store) 5/61 [M/1783]
46236 "City of Bradford" meets "Jubilee" 45631 "Tanganyika" on train [W135] Camden bank 8/59 [M/1800]
Stanier "Princess Coronation" 4-6-2 46239 "City of Chester" - Willesden Motive Power Depot 4/64 [M/1802]

Stanier 8P Pacific 46239 "City of Chester" overdoes the pickup at Castlethorpe troughs 9/61 [M/1805]
46245 "City of London" on an East Coast mainline special heading north from King's Cross 1963 [M/1814]
Stanier 8P 4-6-2 46245 "City of London" passes under the North London line at Belle Isle 1963 [M/1813]
"The Royal Scot" 46254 "City of Stoke-on-Trent" at Primrose Hill passes Northampton train 8/59 [M/1824]
46522 newly built at Swindon with WD 90148 and wdn 0-6-0PT 1709 acting as works shunter 1953 [M/1835]

Kitson built 0-4-0ST 47001 stands outside Barrow Hill Motive Power Depot 8/63 [M/1837]
0-4-0ST 47005 shunts the yards at Staveley Iron Works 8/63 [M/1841]
0-4-0ST 47006 with a Cromford & High Peak freight train at Middleton Top 3/65 [M/1842E]
47006 hauls empty limestone wagons through a cutting at Middleton Top 3/65 [M/1842H]
"Jinty" 3F 0-6-0T 47432 with short freight train at Harlesden (LMR) 4/62 [M/1850]

"Jinty" 3F 0-6-0T 47435 hauls transfer freight past the playground at Chiswick Park 1964 [M/1853B]
Stanier 8F 2-8-0 48065 banks a heavy limestone train near Rowsley 12/63 [M/1864]
8F 48165 (attached to a Fowler tender) crosses girder bridge at Warrington 11/60 [M/1879]
Stanier 8F 2-8-0 48198 heads a freight train over the Monsaldale bridge 4/61 [M/1881]
8F 48267 with a lengthy mineral train in the cutting at Dove Holes 1963 [M/1888]

Stanier 8F 48285 is viewed passing beneath the original MR overbridge at Duffield 11/60 [M/1891]
8F 2-8-0 48443 approaches Skipton Station South signalbox with Settle & Carlisle line freight 5/66 [M/1919]
Already fully wired, Nuneaton station still reverberates to local 8F 2-8-0 48456 on freight in 1964 [M/1926]
Stanier 8F 2-8-0 48462 heads a train of bogie hoppers at Peak Forest 10/64 [M/1924B]
In D.H. Lawrence country, 8F 48664 crosses Bennerley viaduct over the Erewash Valley line 1963 [M/1945]

Stanier 8F 2-8-0 48701 leaves Peak Forest with a mineral train 6/62 [M/1948]
Ex LNWR class G2 7F 0-8-0 49406 heads a coal train through Monsaldale 4/61 [M/1962]
In service use, ex L&Y 0-6-0ST (51305) shunts Horwich Works still carrying LMS numbering 1/64 [M/1974]
Somerset & Dorset 7F 53807 & 4F 44558 had worked HCRS special to Bath (Green Park) 7/6/64 [M/1980]
7F 2-8-0 53807 at Bournemouth MPD with 34102 "Lapford" and station signalbox beyond 7/6/64 [M/1986C]

S&D 7F 2-8-0 53808 pilots Standard Class 5 4-6-0 73047 climbing to Masbury summit 8/62 [M/1987]
Somerset & Dorset 2-8-0 53810 heads a short freight train through the outer Bristol suburbs 4/62 [M/1996]
Pickersgill 3F 0-6-0 57689 (ex Caledonian Railway) moves off turntable at Motherwell shed 4/63 [M/2019A]
Johnson 2F 0-6-0 58148 on branch freight train Leicester - Glenfield area 6/62 [M/2020]
Belpaire boilered 4'11" 0-6-0 58148 still displays original Midland Railway "2" cabside code 6/62 [M/2021A]