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British Railways Steam - LNER Group Classes

Selected from the AED Collection Prorail UK

Presented in ascending loco running number order [with image reference]
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A4 60003 "Andrew K McCosh" passes Copenhagen Junction s/box with northbound express 1963 [E/2024]
A4 4-6-2 60004 "William Whitelaw" is ready to take over "The Talisman" at Newcastle 26/4/59 [E/2026]
Gresley A4 Pacific 60017 "Silver Fox" speeds an East Coast express through Stoke 6/62 [E/2039]
A4 60022 "Mallard" departing from London passes the King's Cross yards towards Belle Isle 5/61 [E/2044]
Working a special LCGB excursion 60024 "Kingfisher" is turned at Exmouth Junction 27/3/66 [E/2049B]

A4 Pacific 60027 "Merlin" at speed near Dunblane creates an impressive vapour trail 4/64 [E/2056]
A4 60029 "Woodcock" strikes a classic East Coast pose with an express at Crow Park 13/5/59 [E/2058]
A4 60034 "Lord Faringdon" passes the busy Copenhagen Junction area of North London in 1963 [E/2065]
A3 60055 "Woolwinder" on arrival at King's Cross in company with A1 60157 "Great Eastern" 1960 [E/2073]
A3 4-6-2 60062 "Minoru" passes beneath the North London line and overtakes a 2-car DMU 5/60 [E/2078]

A3 60066 "Merry Hampton" departs King's Cross while an EE Type 4 (Cl.40) awaits its turn 9/59 [E/2085]
A3 4-6-2 60071 "Tranquil" climbing away from King's Cross passes the Goods Yards 5/60 [E/2087]
Framed by the station footbridge, A3 Pacific 60073 "St.Gatien" approaches Newark 14/5/59 [E/2088]
Gresley A3 4-6-2 60105 "Victor Wild" at Newark Northgate station with a stopping service 14/5/59 [E/2092]
A1 Pacific 60120 "Kittiwake" emerges from King's Cross tunnels with a northbound express 5/60 [E/2116]

A1 4-6-2 60142 "Edward Fletcher" heads a train of loaded petrol tanks at New Craighall 4/63 [E/2141]
A1 60144 "King's Courier" is approaching King's Cross with the Ebonite tower in the background [E/2142]
A1 Pacific 60148 "Aboyeur" powers northbound past Copenhagen Junction signalbox 1963 [E/2148]
A1 4-6-2 60153 "Flamboyant" is seen passing L1 2-6-4T 67768 at Belle Isle 5/60 [E/2154]
A1 Pacific 60158 "Aberdonian" is framed by trackside structures at Wymondley 3/61 [E/2158]

V2 2-6-2 60813 heads a lengthy freight train through the fells at Whitrope 10/65 [E/2183]
Named V2 2-6-2 60835 "The Green Howard" storms away from a stop at Gleneagles 4/64 [E/2186]
V2 60845 with indicator shelter & GWR Dynamometer car passes Swindon Works (6987 etc) 1953 [E/2188]
V2 2-6-2 60903 heads a fast fitted freight train at Wymondley 3/61 [E/2199]
V2 2-6-2 60912 passes Copenhagen Junction signalbox with a passenger train 9/59 [E/2201]

V2 2-6-2 60936 heads a King's Cross bound special under the North London line 5/60 [E/2205]
V2 2-6-2 60939 emerges from the tunnel at Annesley with a parcels train 1962 [E/2206]
V2 2-6-2 60983 in charge of a fitted freight train on the fast line at Wymondley 1961 [E/2213]
B1 4-6-0 61121 with an empty coal train approaches Kirkby South Junction 1/62 [E/2225]
B1 4-6-0 61175 heads a passenger train through the closed Carrington Station (Nottingham) 8/62 [E/2231]

B1 4-6-0 61179 heads a Cambridge line service out of King's Cross 8/60 [E/2232]
B1 4-6-0 61197 is pictured passing through the cutting at Aberdour 2/4/58 [E/2237]
B1 4-6-0 61235 passes beneath the North London line at Belle Isle 5/60 [E/2240]
B1 4-6-0 61374 approaching King's Cross passes L1 2-6-4T 67787 on the suburban lines 8/59 [E/2250]
Lincoln-based B1 4-6-0 61409 [last of class] passes the bracket signal at Wymondley 3/61 [E/2254]

B16 4-6-0 61435 on a Railway Correspondence & Travel Society special train at Arthington 25/4/64 [E/2257]
B16 4-6-0 61435 specially prepared for the RCTS special stands at Harrogate Station 25/4/1964 [E/2258A]
Pure North Eastern Railway style displayed by B16 4-6-0 61435 seen at Harrogate 25/4/1964 [E/2258C]
B16 4-6-0 61467 on train of mineral wagons passes drifted snow at Bramwith 1/63 [E/2270]
B12 61572 inside Willesden Shed with 46245 "City of London" in the roundhouse beyond 9/63 [E/2282]

B12 4-6-0 61572 stands inside Willesden Shed 9/63 alongside Derby-built Type 2 D5078 [E/2283]
K3 2-6-0 61947 heads a mineral train past newly re-ballasted track at Stoke 6/62 [E/2289]
K1 2-6-0 62021 approaches Peth Lane Crossing (Co.Durham) with mixed freight 26/4/59 [E/2293]
K1 2-6-0 62050 adds to the pollution level around Consett Works 1963 [E/2300]
Q6 0-8-0 63346 propels wagons into the steelworks at Consett 9/63 [E/2302]

Q6 0-8-0 63352 passes Peth Lane Crossing (Ryton) with loaded coal hoppers 1959 [E/2306]
Q6 0-8-0 63357 moves out of Consett Motive Power Depot 1963 [E/2307]
Passing Central Station Q6 0-8-0 63390 heads a coal train around the Newcastle loop 27/4/59 [E/2314]
Q6 0-8-0 63440 hauls a load of mineral hopper wagons at Hart 3/66 [E/2319]
The steelworks supply the background for "ex works" Q7 0-8-0 63460 at Consett MPD 9/63 [E/2327]

Q7 0-8-0 63460 stands proudly amongst its shedmates at Consett Motive Power Depot 9/63 [E/2333]
Q7 0-8-0 63469 marshalls a load of mineral hoppers at South Pelaw 3/62 [E/2338]
Q7 0-8-0 63469 with brake van passes wagons of scrap material near South Pelaw 3/62 [E/2339]
O4 2-8-0 63593 stands with brake van opposite Harmsworth Junction signalbox 1/64 [E/2343]
O4 2-8-0 63661 with a loaded coal train under the wires at Wath 1/62 [E/2353]

O1 2-8-0 63663 passing through Kilnhurst Central station light engine 1963 [E/2354]
O4 63737 and lines of other 2-8-0s out of use in the snow at Darnall (Sheffield) MPD 1/63 [E/2362]
O4 2-8-0 63774 is used to marshall a freight train at Wath 11/60 [E/2368]
The ore tippler appears "in other use" as O2 2-8-0 63932 propels its train at Stoke South 6/62 [E/2386]
O2 2-8-0 63942 still relatively clean "ex works" on mixed freight train at Clarborough Junction 1961 [E/2396]

In this close-up view, J37 0-6-0 64561 stands in the yard at Dunfermline Lower 4/64 [E/2412]
0-6-0s 64569 (J37) and 65267 (J36 with snowplough) at Bathgate MPD 4/64 [E/2414]
J37 0-6-0 64585 passes through Dunfermline Upper station with a weedkiller train 4/64 [E/2418]
J37 0-6-0 64611 light engine in frosty conditions outside Dunfermline Lower station 1966 [E/2423]
J36 0-6-0 65288 heads a permanent way train with rail crane and track panels at Bogside 4/64 [E/2439]

With power station background J27 0-6-0 65795 leaves North Blyth (Cambois) on freight train 1966 [E/2446]
J27 0-6-0 65796 passes through Blaydon station with a freight train 26/4/59 [E/2449]
J38 0-6-0 65905 with coal empties in wintry conditions at Clackmannan 1966 [E/2466]
J38 0-6-0 65915 hauls a string of wagons out of the Kincardine yard 1966 [E/2472]
J38 0-6-0 65921 heads a short freight train at Bogside 4/64 [E/2474]

V1 67646 & Stanier 4MT 2-6-4 42639 double-head an RCTS special at Barnard Castle 25/4/64 [E/2480]
V1 2-6-2 67647 is between suburban duties at Newcastle-upon-Tyne 27/4/59 [E/2483]
L1 2-6-4T 67768 with local train passes A1 4-6-2 60127 "Wilson Worsdell" near King's Cross 5/60 [E/2490]
L1 67784 & 4MT 2-6-0 43059 haul SR stock through Carrington towards Nottingham Victoria 8/62 [E/2493]
J94 0-6-0ST 68013 breasts the famous 1 in 14 Hopton Incline (Cromford & High Peak) 12/60 [E/2501]

J72 0-6-0T 68680 shunts a parcels van whilst on station pilot duty at Newcastle-upon-Tyne 26/4/59 [E/2505]
NER liveried J72 0-6-0T 68736 rests between shunting duties in the parcels bay at Newcastle 1963 [E/2511]
J50 68971 with a transfer freight off the North London line joins the GW mainline at Acton 3/61 [E/2517]
J50 0-6-0T 68979 heads a train of empty stock past King's Cross Yard 5/60 [E/2519]
N7 0-6-2T 69692 with a local freight train at Hadley Common 9/60 [E/2526]